Tech Engineer Recruitment Specialists

Web3, AI and Blockchain are changing the world and we want to be part of that movement by connecting the very best talent with vision!

Our Retained Services

Here are some of our Retained Services, which are aimed towards offering all the benefits of an in-house recruitment team, at no extra cost.

Exclusive Candidates

The candidates sent to you will be exclusive to you only, we do not send the candidates to anyone else whilst they're in process with you.

Back-up Candidates

When candidates are at the final interview stage, we will continue to source potential candidates for the role. So If for any reason the leading candidate was not successful, we would already be searching for another.

Candidate Pipelining

We can start engaging with candidates weeks or months ahead of time, so when we kick off the hiring campaign, you already have a shortlist of candidates ready to interview. Which would be more suitable for your future timetable.

Tailored Messages

Utilising our copywriting training, we are able to spend considerable time crafting engaging messages that reflect your company's values and culture, enabling us to maximise the candidate response rate.

Planning Consultancy

We will provide a free recruitment budget consultancy call, where we can go through the allocated budgets as part of your financial plan. This will save a lot of time and may free up funds for other areas of your business.

Brand Promotion

Promote your brand by including your website on our LinkedIn. Publish posts across our social networks and write a detailed article on you for our blog.

What is Trinode Recruitment?

We are a small UK-based recruitment team that has a passion for Blockchain, AI & Web3 technology.

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Tech Engineers

We focus on tech engineers, which allows us to concentrate our efforts on understanding the market and the best available candidates within that vertical.

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We Source Internationally

With the recent work-from-home movement, working remotely has become a new standard for some companies. Creating wider opportunity for candidates outside their own country.

We deliver a High-End service at no extra cost!

The services offer all the benefits of an in-house recruitment team, at no extra cost.

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How do we do this?

Our services operate using a retained model, we do this by charging a small commitment retainer up-front.

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Accept Cryptocurrencies

We support blockchain by accepting payment in crypto (USDC, USDT, ETH or BTC to be specific).

Looking to hire talented software developers?

How to get started

Have an exciting project that requires talented
Software Engineers to turn it into a reality?

Connect with us and we will make it an
effortless 3-Step process to finding you your
dream candidates!


Introduction Call

Let's connect and see if we can help you and your company! Feel free to reach out and say hi!


Deep Intelligence Call

Let's take a deep dive on understanding the requirements of the candidate you require.


Going out to Market

We will source and pre-screen highly talented candidates that match your requirements, then organise an interview.

We love to hear from both Talent and Visionaries. Drop us a Hello!
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